Zodiak Productions UK

The gripping sci–fi adventure drama, Silverpoint, is back for a second series. All episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer from Wednesday 17th May, with episodes also airing on CBBC on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. A captivating watch for the whole family, the new series picks up from the season one cliff–hanger, in which we saw our young protagonists struggle with the realisation they weren’t alone in their quest for answers.

  • Series Producer

    Trevor Klein
  • Director

    Amy Coop
  • Director

    Aidan Largey
  • Post Production

    Kay Loxley
  • Editor

    Milli Lo
  • Editor

    Will Peverett
  • Colourist

    Scott Ferguson
  • Dubbing Mixer

    Karen Imbusch
  • Online Editor

    Edward Quin